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16. Behind the Scenes of a Top CEO with Julia Spillman, CEO of the Eklund|Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman

In this extra special Titans of Industry episode, we are joined by Julia Spillman, the CEO of the famed Eklund|Gomes Team, the first superbroker real estate team in the US, with a record two billion in real estate transactions in 2019 alone.

14. Working and Managing from Home Safely

In this Buildisode, co-host Ryan Coyne takes the lead covering the technical and security challenges of your business’ Work from Home strategy, while it’s affecting all of us now, and what to consider in a certainly more flexible future.

13. Building a Socially Conscious Company

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan bring on a special guest who exemplifies what a ‘Socially Conscious Company’ is! Nastasha McKeon, the CEO and Founder of Choice Juicery, joins the Buildify Method Podcast to talk about what it takes to build a genuinely socially conscious business.

10. Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Working On your Business, Not In Your business – The Power of a Business Day’. As Aaron & Ryan discuss the importance of working “On” your business vs. working “In” your business, we call this dedicated time, your “Business Day”.

09. Staff Reviews, Incentives & Performance

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Staff Reviews, Incentives and Performance’. As Aaron & Ryan along with their guest Lance Winsaft the CEO and managing partner of Aldebaran Recruiting discuss the best ways to retain and empower your employees.

08. Increase Your Performance as a Business Owner

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan lay out a proven formula for how to produce optimal results as a business owner. During the episode Aaron breaks down each ingredient of The Buildify Method’s formula for performance.

07. How To Design A Powerful Morning Routine

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘How to Design a Powerful Morning Routine’. With this topic we look at the ingredients that make up an effective morning routine that sets you up mentally and emotionally to slay your day.

05. How to Hire & Retain Great Staff

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan welcome Lance Winsaft the CEO and managing partner of Aldebaran Recruiting to talk about the best ways to hire and retain great staff.

03. How to Develop a Brand Strategy that Works!

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Manufactured Reputations vs. Authentic Reputations’. With this topic Aaron and Ryan discuss the fast-growing gap between Authentic Reputations vs. Manufactured Reputations and how those commodities impact your company’s brand in the marketplace. In the fast-paced world of digital identity, people now possess an ability to function as their own marketing […]

02. How to Build a Culture of Performance

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Emotionally Based Business vs. an Integrity Based Business’ and how it effects culture and performance. With this topic Aaron and Ryan break down the impact of how a corporate culture that favors honoring feelings and impulse vs. commitment and integrity diminishes the performance and function of a person, department, and […]

01. Scheduling & Task Management Essentials

In this Build-isode we discuss The Buildify Method for ‘Scheduling and Task Management’. Aaron & Ryan discuss how to master your ability to control time and tasks as it’s a foundational aspect to being a highly effective entrepreneur. In this episode of The Buildify Methods approach to scheduling and task management we will discuss: How […]