07. How To Build A Powerful Morning Routine

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan look at the ingredients that comprise an effective morning routine that sets you up mentally and emotionally to slay your day.

During this episode Aaron shares his personal routine that he has custom created after pulling ideas from many different disciplines.

Ryan then elaborates on some critical do’s & don’ts when it comes to technology and how it impacts your morning mindset.

This episode will give you tangible steps to take along with a clear menu of ideas that you can draw from to personally Buildify your own custom morning routine!  

Make sure to email us at hello@thebuildifymethod.com with a description of your ideal morning routine, questions about how to improve it, and your favorite tools or hacks for us to share with the community.  We’ll be coming back to this in a future Build-isode and you might even hear your submissions featured on the show.

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