09. Retain and Empower Your Staff

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan welcome back to the show Lance Winsaft the CEO and managing partner of Aldebaran Recruiting to talk about the best ways to retain and empower your employees. 

Most business owners we work with report they don’t look forward to doing staff reviews and dealing with the employee compensation conversations. This is an area that we want to de-mystify not only to empower the business owner and hiring managers, but also to empower and retain the employees. 

You’ll hear your hosts Aaron, Ryan, & special guest Lance discuss the importance (and how-to) of doing staff reviews along with the proper systems and procedures that need to exist in this area for you to feel confident and prepared. We also break down how and when to do staff raises in your organization, so your employees are empowered in their positions and you the business owner feel and aligned to the often delicate process.