18. Exit Strategy & Selling Your Company – Part 2

In the second installment of this two-part Build-isode, Aaron & Ryan continue their deep dive into the six phases of the crown jewel topic that all startups, tech entrepreneurs, and CEO’s dream of: Exit Strategy & Selling Your Company.

Here in part two, Aaron and Ryan cover the final three phases of the selling process:

1) Tactical work involved as the process get under way
2) The Negotiations
3) Nailing the Deal

We begin this episode by talking about the nitty gritty involved in setting up for a successful, smooth sale including getting your books ready and how to start crafting your narrative for what could be the most import sales meetings of your career!

Next, we talk about the intricacies of the negotiation phase of selling your company. We discuss key books to read, how to leverage your team, and the importance of strategy & preparation. We also discuss knowing your target sale price along with your walk away number, before transitioning to how to avoid getting cold feet and staying focused through the rollercoaster of emotions. This is a very important segment of information for business owners who want to sell their company one day!

Lastly, we cover nailing the deal, and preparing to handle your emotions! In this part of the episode on Exit Strategy & Selling your Company we talk about what to expect during the final steps of inking the deal like hold-backs and tax exposure, then we talk about what to expect emotionally after you complete the sale of your company.

Remember to get the most value out of this topic listen to Part 1 & 2 of this series on Exit Strategy & Selling your Company. Check out episode 17 on The Buildify Method podcast for part one.

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Show Notes:

Host Aaron Keith is the CEO and Founder of Buildify Systems which is a business education and consulting company. Aaron is a nationally recognized business consultant, coach & speaker who shares his structured wisdom gained from having coached over 10,000 entrepreneurs in nearly 20 years. Aaron has worked with everything from celebrities, billion-dollar companies down to small startups. Aaron uses ‘The Buildify Method’ to help CEO’s and entrepreneurs grow and scale their companies.

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– Software: BuildifySoftware.com
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– Company Handle: @BuildifySystems
– Podcast: @TheBuildifyMethod

Co-host Ryan Coyne is a veteran tech consultant & speaker with unique insights and experience in the business world.

– Website: ryanjcoyne.com
– Personal Handle: @RyanJCoyne
– Podcast: @TheBuildifyMethod



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