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26. How to Have Tough Conversations

In this Buildisode, How to Have Tough Conversations, you’ll enjoy a webinar presented by Aaron and Ryan and converted to podcast glory, audience questions and all!

Aaron and Ryan dive into the specific strategies and tools needed to guide yourself and your staff through tough conversation training, and how to come out of it giving and receiving feedback like a champ.

21. Essential Finance for Business & Personal – Part 2

In the finale of this two-part series on Essential Finance for Business & Personal, Aaron and Ryan dive into the world of Personal Finances. Most of us were not taught much about money or how to properly manage our money to create wealth and security for our future.  Building wealth and ample reserves is predicated […]

05. How to Hire & Retain Great Staff

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan welcome Lance Winsaft the CEO and managing partner of Aldebaran Recruiting to talk about the best ways to hire and retain great staff.

03. How to Develop a Brand Strategy that Works!

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Manufactured Reputations vs. Authentic Reputations’. With this topic Aaron and Ryan discuss the fast-growing gap between Authentic Reputations vs. Manufactured Reputations and how those commodities impact your company’s brand in the marketplace. In the fast-paced world of digital identity, people now possess an ability to function as their own marketing […]

02. How to Build a Culture of Performance

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Emotionally Based Business vs. an Integrity Based Business’ and how it effects culture and performance. With this topic Aaron and Ryan break down the impact of how a corporate culture that favors honoring feelings and impulse vs. commitment and integrity diminishes the performance and function of a person, department, and […]

01. Scheduling & Task Management Essentials

In this Build-isode we discuss The Buildify Method for ‘Scheduling and Task Management’. Aaron & Ryan discuss how to master your ability to control time and tasks as it’s a foundational aspect to being a highly effective entrepreneur. In this episode of The Buildify Methods approach to scheduling and task management we will discuss: How […]