06. The Goal Setting Process

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan deconstruct The Buildify Method’s strategic goal-setting process. 

When working with our clients we often notice that companies have not properly established goals for the company, or themselves! We also noticed that many companies with goals lack having goals by department. 

In this episode we also dive into different structures you will want to use to not only hold these goals in place in your organization, but how to properly timeline out these goals and milestones so the goals become actionable and measurable throughout the year! 

This dynamic episode explains the process you want to go through to properly plan out your company goals and department goals, and then how to timeline those goals & milestones so there is proper structure in place, ensuring success with your planning. 

Also, check out Basecamp.com – they just launched a new Personal tier that’s completely free, to let you start timelining your own goals and projects with their award-winning solution, that previously would have cost you $100/mo.

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