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13. Building a Socially Conscious Company

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan bring on a special guest who exemplifies what a ‘Socially Conscious Company’ is! Nastasha McKeon, the CEO and Founder of Choice Juicery, joins the Buildify Method Podcast to talk about what it takes to build a genuinely socially conscious business.

10. Work On Your Business, Not In Your Business

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Working On your Business, Not In Your business – The Power of a Business Day’. As Aaron & Ryan discuss the importance of working “On” your business vs. working “In” your business, we call this dedicated time, your “Business Day”.

05. How to Hire & Retain Great Staff

In this Build-isode Aaron & Ryan welcome Lance Winsaft the CEO and managing partner of Aldebaran Recruiting to talk about the best ways to hire and retain great staff.

03. How to Develop a Brand Strategy that Works!

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Manufactured Reputations vs. Authentic Reputations’. With this topic Aaron and Ryan discuss the fast-growing gap between Authentic Reputations vs. Manufactured Reputations and how those commodities impact your company’s brand in the marketplace. In the fast-paced world of digital identity, people now possess an ability to function as their own marketing […]

02. How to Build a Culture of Performance

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Emotionally Based Business vs. an Integrity Based Business’ and how it effects culture and performance. With this topic Aaron and Ryan break down the impact of how a corporate culture that favors honoring feelings and impulse vs. commitment and integrity diminishes the performance and function of a person, department, and […]

01. Scheduling & Task Management Essentials

In this Build-isode we discuss The Buildify Method for ‘Scheduling and Task Management’. Aaron & Ryan discuss how to master your ability to control time and tasks as it’s a foundational aspect to being a highly effective entrepreneur. In this episode of The Buildify Methods approach to scheduling and task management we will discuss: How […]