16. Behind the Scenes of a Top CEO with Julia Spillman, CEO of the Eklund|Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman

The first in our special edition series: Buildify Method Titans of Industry

From time to time, Aaron & Ryan release special edition episodes called Titans of Industry where we bring in a CEO guest who is a dominating force or leader in their respective industry.

In this extra special Titans of Industry episode, we are joined by Julia Spillman, the CEO of the famed Eklund|Gomes Team, the first superbroker real estate team in the US, with a record two billion in real estate transactions in 2019 alone. The founders of Eklund|Gomes are Fredrik Eklund, the star of Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing New York and his business partner/co-founder John Gomes.  Julia joins the Buildify Method podcast team to talk about hard conversations, the less glamorous side of being at the top, and much more in “Behind The Scenes Of A Top CEO”.

All business owners, founders, and CEO’s are tasked with having the ‘hard’ conversations at their organization. Hard conversations with key staff, sales conversations, money conversations, even hard conversations with customers. Having a tough conversation takes guts, steadiness, and heart. In this episode we discuss all this in detail.  

We also talk about what it takes to be a top CEO. The shiny allure of being a CEO is peeled back to reveal the personal and professional sacrifices we must make to achieve success, and eventually balance, both professionally and personally.  

This episode will give insight into the failures and successes that Aaron, Ryan, & Julia have shared experience in as well as what they have learned from decades in the CEO chair.

The Buildify Method is the best podcast covering business and is made for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to gain actionable knowledge of how to better own and operate a successful company. 

Show Notes:


Julia Spillman is the CEO of Eklund/Gomes. The Eklund Gomes Team at Douglas Elliman Real Estate is the #1 real estate team in the US. The founder Fredrik Eklund is known for being the star of Million Dollar Listing New York on the Bravo network.


Aaron Keith is the CEO and Founder of Buildify Systems which is a business education and consulting company. Aaron is a nationally recognized business consultant, coach & speaker, who shares his structured wisdom gained from having coached over 10,000 entrepreneurs in nearly 20 years. Aaron has worked with everything from celebrities, billion-dollar companies down to small startups. Aaron uses ‘The Buildify Method’ to help CEO’s and entrepreneurs grow and scale their companies. 


Ryan Coyne a veteran tech consultant & speaker, who both will be providing coaching, insight, & specific advice on key topics that matter. Aaron & Ryan will deconstruct the mental game and the physical game of each topic while providing actionable steps, business systems, and techniques that enable you to build a thriving company.


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