14. Working and Managing from Home Safely

In this Buildisode, co-host Ryan Coyne takes the lead covering the technical and security challenges of your business’ Work from Home strategy, while it’s affecting all of us now, and what to consider in a certainly more flexible future. Host Aaron Keith along with Ryan breaks down and provides coaching on management strategy in the new abnormal and gives C-level insights on Ryan’s tech considerations, all while both provide tips, hacks, and useful case study into what might work for your business.

Show notes:

Using Your Smartphone as a Webcam:


WFH Hacks & Tips



A Dedicated Work from Home Tech News Feed:


Time Tracking software:

Have a work from home tip to share with the community, or have questions about how to solve management challenges with your own business?  Email us at hello@thebuildifymethod.com and you might hear your ideas on the show!

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