03. How to Develop a Brand Strategy that Works!

In this Build-isode we discuss ‘Manufactured Reputations vs. Authentic Reputations’. With this topic Aaron and Ryan discuss the fast-growing gap between Authentic Reputations vs. Manufactured Reputations and how those commodities impact your company’s brand in the marketplace.

In the fast-paced world of digital identity, people now possess an ability to function as their own marketing and branding specialist. Business are using new tools and platforms to develop reputations and personas that are ever more “perfect” and “amazing” though frequently lack the credibility and integrity to back it up. This dynamic is detrimental for your company and can be avoided.

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Show Notes:


Aaron Keith is the CEO and Founder of Buildify Systems which is a business education and consulting company. Aaron is a nationally recognized business consultant, coach & speaker, who shares his structured wisdom gained from having coached over 10,000 entrepreneurs in nearly 20 years. Aaron has worked with everything from celebrities, billion-dollar companies down to small startups. Aaron uses ‘The Buildify Method’ to help CEO’s and entrepreneurs grow and scale their companies. 


Ryan Coyne a veteran tech consultant & speaker, who both will be providing coaching, insight, & specific advice on key topics that matter. Aaron & Ryan will deconstruct the mental game and the physical game of each topic while providing actionable steps, business systems, and techniques that enable you to build a thriving company.