22. The Behavioral Science of Marketing & Sales

In this special episode, Aaron and Ryan reveal the secret playbook used by the best marketing and sales teams in the world. Do you want to know how the best of the best create marketing that is super engaging and memorable? Do you want to know how the top businesses in the world get you to buy their products and services with great ease?    

Aaron & Ryan dive deep into the five Behavioral Stages the Brain must go through in order to purchase something.  

Here is a peek: the first two stages are marketing-related and the latter three stages are sales-related. During this episode we will teach you about each of the stages, the formula for each, the impact for each, what happens if not applied correctly, and actionable directions for applying each stage correctly. 

This is exceedingly scarce information that is seldom if ever taught to the public, without paying thousands to be in front of an insider. Sit back, grab a pen and paper, and start taking notes! 

The Buildify Method podcast is the top podcast on business for CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and business owners looking to gain actionable knowledge of how to better own and operate a successful company.   

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Aaron Keith is the CEO and Founder of Buildify Systems which is a business education and consulting company. Aaron is a nationally recognized business consultant, coach & speaker, who shares his structured wisdom gained from having coached over 10,000 entrepreneurs in nearly 20 years. Aaron has worked with everything from celebrities, billion-dollar companies down to small startups. Aaron uses ‘The Buildify Method’ to help CEO’s and entrepreneurs grow and scale their companies.   

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Ryan Coyne is a veteran tech consultant & speaker, who contributes to the coaching, insight, & specific advice on key topics that matter. Ryan helps Aaron deconstruct the mental game and the physical game of each topic while sharing perspective, experience, technology, and techniques that enable you to build a thriving company. 

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