12. Strategically Presenting Your Brand Online

In this Build-isode Aaron & his co-host Ryan bring on guest speaker Alex Montalenti to discuss the do’s & don’ts of strategically presenting your brand online.
During this episode you will hear how three experts with different perspectives weigh in on and break down the key tactics and actions that they each feel will help a business owner strategically present their brand online in a powerfully engaging way.
You will follow the conversation as they dive into the importance of online reputations and the things business owners need to consider when developing their company’s online reputation, or when repairing it!
Next, the guys dive into how to better structure and position the ever-changing world of social media as they deliver clear actions and tactics that are helping business owners navigate the social media world with success.

Links to tools discussed during this episode:

You can also contact Alex Montalenti on info@realgrader.com or follow him on Instagram @Alex.montalenti

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